Clean your Vaporizer with Formula 420

While it is true that the real purpose behind the making if Formula 420 has not yet been deciphered, it is also true it safely cleans the vaporizers. It will not be entirely wrong to call it a multipurpose cleaning agent. Those that vaporize regularly know how hectic a job it is to keep their vaporizers clean regularly. It requires disassembling all the parts, cleaning them, drying them, and reassembling them. This not just takes time, but also, at most times, leaves the vaporizers unclean. However, cleaning vaporizers have now become easier with Formula 420 which is the name in almost all the households that have vapor enthusiasts.

The reason for calling this cleaning agent a multipurpose one is because it cleans many surfaces that include porcelain, ceramic and ceramic glass, wood, metal, and Pyrex. There is a concentrated version too and  that should be diluted before being used. It cleans glassware and screens especially well. There is available a Soak n Rinse cleaning agent that makes cleaning faster and easier. It doesn’t require you to rub and scrub the each part of your vaporizer. Instead, you can soak your vaporizer in that solution and let it stay overnight. This will make all the dirt and particles come out and the vaporizer will be clean the next morning with a simple rinse.

In case you concern yourself with the safety of the environment, you can use the cleaning agent that is completely natural. It does not only clean the vaporizer thoroughly but also ensures that you and the environment are safe.

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