Is The Smoke From E-cigarettes Harmful?

Is The Smoke From E-cigarettes Harmful?

Advertising e-cigarettes positions the product as a safe substitute for tobacco products. In contrast, skeptics lament: there is little scientific research on the effects of electronic cigarettes on the body, no one has studied the issue in the long term. Is e-cigarette smoke harmful? What vaping threatens to seasoned smokers who decide to quit?

Substances in the vapor of an electronic cigarette

1. Synthetic nicotine in a liquid is by far the most dangerous substance. But the steam gets a negligible amount. In order for a passive vaper to grab as much nicotine as from one traditional cigarette, he will have to inhale the vapor for at least three months.

The vaper himself receives the vapor dose of nicotine with inhaled steam, but on exhalation, the vapors are already cleared. Dangerous recognized steam from liquids with a strength of 24 mg/ml.

2. Flavors enrich the steam with a pleasant smell. But food flavorings do as much harm as the smell of gum or candy.

The cloud from exhaling in a closed room 3*3 m dissipates and completely disintegrates in 12 seconds. Cigarette smoke in the same room will disappear after 2 minutes, but the smell will remain until airing.

3. Glycerin and propylene glycol are the main constituents of expiratory steam. But for the environment they are safe. They only effect of irritation of the mucous membrane of the throat due to drying (both substances quickly absorb moisture).

Results of the effects of passive and active vaping

WHO remains neutral. But the British health care system actively promotes e-cigarette and reinforces the position with numerous experiments put in the UK and joint developments with the University of Michigan (USA).

Scientific research on the content of toxins and carcinogens in a pair of electronic cigarettes showed that there are 450 times less than in the smoke of tobacco products. Research is ongoing.

Obvious benefit

Electronic cigarettes from the very beginning appeared as a means of cessation for smoking. During the time, this saved millions of former smokers from dry cough, halitosis, the stink of clothes and hair. It improved the condition of their skin and nails, made them again smell and taste.

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