Review of DaVinci Vaporizers from Organicix, LLC

Review of DaVinci Vaporizers from Organicix, LLC

DaVinci Vaporizer (Organicix, LLC) is one of the leading companies that produce the best portable vaporizers and vaporizer accessories on the market. The company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to Kurt Smith, CEO of Organicix, LLC, the company produces some of the most advanced digital vaporizers on the market. All of their vaporizers are designed to be completely portable, which can be used everywhere and always.

Before entering the phytotherapy vaporizer business, Mr. Smith (CEO of DaVinci) designed attractions in Asia. It was thanks to this work that he established business relations in China. This facilitated the creation of a DaVinci product company. Smith says it took them two years to improve product development for DaVinci and launch an IQ vaporizer.


Portable vaporizer DAVINCI

This was the first product manufactured by DaVinci. It was first released in March 2012. DaVinci is an excellent portable vaporizer for dry herbs and essential oils. Its unique temperature control is what really sets it apart from other portable vaporizers in the same class. The quality of its steam is really impressive, especially when the device is set to the correct temperatures. The DaVinci vaporizer packaging is a sturdy, impressive box that gives the user a really good impression of the device from the start.

The device is quite compact and lightweight. Its dimensions are about 10 cm high and 6.5 cm wide. It comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, which covers all attached parts, the structural integrity of the device, the heating chamber, and the electronics. DaVinci provides a ninety-day warranty on the battery because it is subject to degradation and shortened battery life.


The DaVinci Ascent vaporizer is one of the most preferred vaporizers on the market. This is the second generation of portable devices manufactured by Organicix, LLC. It was first released in August 2013. DaVinci Ascent is very popular for its ability to vaporize both dry herbs and essential oils. The vaporizer comes in four different body finishes Stealth Black, Carbon Fiber, Croc Scin, Burl Wood.

The DaVinci Ascent vaporizer comes with a reinforced battery that allows you to use the device for about three hours and gives you a longer charge for more pressure in wapping. After switching on, the evaporator heats up, and when the set temperature is reached, you can start using it. Like its predecessor, DaVinci Ascent has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers all attached parts, the structural integrity of the device, the heating chamber, and the electronics.

Vaporizer DAVINCI IQ

The DaVinci IQ vaporizer belongs to the smart vaporizer category and is one of the smartest you may encounter. Firstly, the DaVinci IQ evaporator is very small in size, it has a height of 9.5 cm, a width of 4.2 cm, and a thickness of 2.4 cm. The device is made in four different colors: STEALTH – black, GUNMETAL – bronze, COPPER – copper, and BLUE are blue. The vaporizer closely resembles the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone. This creates a unique, inconspicuous, and inconspicuous design. These and other features make IQ one of the highly-rated vaporizers on the market.

Picture Credit: DaVinciVaporizer

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