Review of Portable Electronic Conduction Vaporizers

Review of Portable Electronic Conduction Vaporizers

This is probably the most common and most numerous type of vaporizer. The price for them is also in a very wide range and depends on functionality, country of origin, a genius of constructive thought, and popularity of the device itself.

Their main advantage is, of course, portability and ease of use. Many resemble fashionable electronic cigarettes today. Therefore, their use even in a crowded place will not cause increased attention from others.

Titan vaporizer by Black Leaf

The well-known German brand Black Leaf pleases not only with a wide range of various smoking devices and accessories but also recently with high-tech vaporizers, many of which have quickly become sales hits on the European market.

A striking example of this is the Titan portable conduction vaporizer. Concise and clear display, three temperature levels, indicated by different colors of light, an ergonomic design reminiscent of an electronic cigarette. All this has made the Titan one of the most popular vaporizers.

Green-stuff vaporizer

It is worth paying attention to the portable vaporizer with automatic temperature control Green-stuff. The device is equipped with a ceramic heating chamber and is very easy to operate. The vaporizer itself will signal to you that the required temperature has been reached and you can start using it. It has a very convenient and laconic design.

Puffit vaporizer from Discreet Vape

Another popular inhaler-like simulator is Puffit from Discreet Vape. It also has everything you need for ease of use: an LED readiness indicator, 4 temperature levels from 170 to 220 degrees Celsius, a lithium-ion battery, a USB charger, and a cleaning tool. By the way, this unit can also be used as an aromatherapy inhaler.

Flowermate-Black vaporizer

In this section, it is worth considering another interesting example of the hand-held convection vaporizer Flowermate-Black. In addition to all the usual advantages and bells and whistles of the highest class vaporizers, this device is also notable for the fact that it can be used in a duet with a bong.

In this symbiosis, smoking (or rather vaporizing or vaping) becomes even more enjoyable, since the steam also passes through the precoolers built into the bong, thereby turning it almost into alpine air.

X-Max V2 unit by the X-vape

It is worth saying a few flattering words about another representative of pocket convection vaporizers, reminiscent of an electronic cigarette, the X-Max V2 unit from the X-vape brand.

It can be classified as an inexpensive, but a very sophisticated unit. However, its “cleverness” does not affect the ease of use. The device is universal: intended for the evaporation of all types of substances, in all physical states and consistencies.

Five temperature modes are indicated by glowing in different colors, a charging cable with a USB port, a replaceable battery significantly increases the battery life, the ability to work from a household electrical network.

Mighty vaporizer by Black Leaf

From the top versions of portable convection vaporizers, you can consider the brutal Mighty techno version from the already well-known German company Black Leaf.

Two lithium-ion batteries provide autonomous operation for two hours. Temperature range from 40 to 210 degrees Celsius. Plus a sophisticated LED display, a vibration signal for reaching the required temperature, and working with both dry substances and liquid extracts makes it one of the flagships in its class.

Picture Credit: BlackLeaf

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