Use of Vaporizers as Aphrodisiacs

Vaporizers and aromatherapyThose who love to use vaporizers in their spare time mainly because of aromatherapy benefits would be quite interested to know that they can serve the purpose of aphrodisiacs also. However, that is dependent on the on the substances being used in the devices. That is what makes the difference. With an accurate essential oils combination, one can easily boost arousal as well as create a unique sensual experience.

First it is important to know the effectiveness of aromatherapy. The thing to note here is that smell is connected with limbic system of the brain. The brain’s limbic system has connections with emotional memories of the person. This is mostly the reason why people can connect a certain smell to some intense memory. This is actually the reason as to why specific aromas help in triggering sexual arousal. A vital role is played by vaporizers towards the creation of feeling for love.

The primary purpose of these devices is to heat the essential oils and release the vapour for use. This highly aromatic vapour helps in triggering specific moods. Like, for example, lavender gets associated with a relaxing and calm feeling. Scents of citrus makes a person feel awake and energized. Others can be combined for increasing the libido. Some examples are Sandalwood, ginger, basil and jasmine. All these aromas help in creating romantic feeling and increases sex drive of the person.

There is particular oil which is highly effective towards increasing sex drive after being used in the vaporizers. The oil is known as basil oil and it has been used for many centuries for alluring people sexually. It is well known fact that Mediterranean prostitutes used basil oil for attracting customers. It is quite easy to produce a romantic atmosphere through the vaporization of basil oil. Using lavender is another example. The oil helps in lowering and calming of anxiety. As a result of that people get a relaxing feeling which provides them with the comfort for sexual activity engagement.

Those who wish to add some spice to their bedroom can definitely invest in vaporizers. Apart from traditional use of these devices, it is time to come up with something unique which can create a relaxing environment and allow a person to enjoy life to the fullest. Instead of relying on supplement and pills this type of technique can be the ideal way of getting the libido back.

Author: Tony Rolland write vaporizers review, tips and covers alternative health applications of vaporizes for Half Baked Goods.

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