Vaporizer – Tool In the Fight Against Nicotine Addiction

Vaporizer - Tool In the Fight Against Nicotine Addiction

Since the invention of such an innovative anti-smoking “weapon” as the electronic cigarette, controversy has multiplied about its safety and effectiveness.

Manufacturers insisted that the technological novelty would preserve the health of smokers, critics understood the details of the production technology and the formulations of derivatives, fearing deception.

Consumers, on the other hand, did not trust opinions and made purchases at their own peril and risk. Slowly but surely, e-cigarettes began to acquire numerous positive reviews in social networks, forums, and online stores from those who have experienced the innovation of vaping for themselves.

Over the years, electronic vaping cigarettes have been in widespread opinion. For the first time this 2015, the WHO convention under the slogan “Tobacco and Health” presented the latest data on the dangers of smoking and the death rate of smokers from around the world. Also on the agenda was considered the issue of devices for electronic vaping that filled the markets of the world.

For several years, studies have been carried out with the participation of dozens of nicotine addicts. Finally, the results were announced at the conference and an official statement was made.

The World Health Organization has recognized electronic cigarettes as one of the most effective ways to quit smoking. 80% of the study participants, after using vaping cigarettes for a long time, we’re able to completely get rid of the desire to smoke.

According to the results of the WHO, the absence of the negative impact of electronic cigarettes, as well as floating liquids on the human body and the environment, has been officially confirmed.

In the near future, a healthy society will be able to abandon tobacco products, replacing the habitual harmful smoking with pleasant and completely harmless vaping.

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